Our Search Process

Recruit.MD - an Ericksson company is focused on physician recruiting in the tradition of the executive search model. Our overall purpose is to provide the absolute best service available in the marketplace in a manner which represents honest value and integrity.

To this end, Recruit.MD's methodology is to recruit and employ the most experienced physician search consultants available and couple them with a comprehensive, sometimes exhaustive, search process. We bring together all of the most effective search methods we've seen and evaluated over the past decade and couple them with the industry's most successful consultants to form a literal "Best of" methodology within our industry.

Discovery and Strategy Development

At no charge to you, a member of our territory management team will meet with you to identify and confirm potential recruitment needs, discuss the facility's previous search efforts, and learn about any medical politics which may impact a recruiting effort. We will also provide in detail our program and service offerings, as well as our vision and outline for a successful search project.

Community and Practice Analysis

A core philosophy of Recruit.MD - an Ericksson company is that we can dictate the success of a search effort by performing as much of the homework as possible on the front end. In continuance of this "Homework First" approach, your assigned search consultant will schedule a time to visit with you, no professional fee involved, prior to the initiation of your search effort. In addition to detailed information about the medical facility and practice setting, their goal will be to fully understand all aspects of your opportunity, both professionally and personally from the physician candidate's point of view. Important third party feedback is offered, and data is collected for everything from schools and housing to cultural outlets, social activities and area attractions. This valuable firsthand knowledge of your community builds credibility with physician candidates when your search consultant can answer detailed questions about what your community has to offer. They become a virtual extension of your staff within the national marketplace. Also during this 1-2 day visit, realistic expectations and candidate parameters will be established and confirmed. When both parties are in agreement on these objectives and guidelines, your consultant goes to work on sourcing candidates.

Sourcing Strategies

As previously described, Ericksson will produce and initiate an aggressive, targeted direct marketing campaign on your behalf. Utilizing proprietary design and implementation strategies, we will contact those physicians who meet the parameters set forth during the on-site analysis. You will be updated as to the progress of these efforts, and pre-approve all expenditures made on your behalf. With effective design and a frugal pricing structure, Ericksson will field a successful, very cost-effective marketing campaign.

Review and Screening of Potential Candidates

Your consultant will screen candidates based upon your predetermined parameters, acquire a preliminary copy of their curriculum vitae and set preliminary interview dates to review with you. We also begin the process of developing the Candidate Profile, a comprehensive dossier on candidates confirmed for interviews. More than just a resume, this document reflects the complete information our consultants have collected on a qualified candidate as a result of multiple personal conversations. Clients will receive this document prior to the on-site interview for all qualified candidates who meet their pre-established parameters. Also during this period, we will initiate background checks via the state licensing boards and the National Practitioner Databank. Criminal background checks are also available. We will also coordinate and confirm travel arrangements for the candidate's site visit.

Personal Interview of Physician and Spouse

Prior to the candidate's on-site interview, and at the client's discretion, the Ericksson search consultant will personally visit with the candidate and any primary influencers in order to build rapport, gauge areas of interest and create enthusiasm for the opportunity. They can review a sample contract, outline the agenda for the trip and, most importantly, establish themselves as the third-party negotiator for all post-interview follow-up. Your consultant works to ensure minimal surprises prior to and during the visit, so that the time can be spent effectively and comfortably focusing on the many non-medical aspects of the opportunity.

On-Site Interview at Client Location

We will make all travel arrangements for the candidate, if desired, as well as work with the client to establish a proper itinerary for the visit. A copy of this itinerary is forwarded to the candidate and spouse for review and feedback. The Ericksson consultant is available for on-site consultation and hosting, if requested, and will complete a follow-up telephone consultation with both client and candidate within 1-2 days as appropriate to gauge interest in the potential for a successful match.

Post-Interview Negotiation

We will consult with the client on the exact offer to be made, and act as an intermediary during the decision-making process. This is a crucial time period, as interest has been piqued and must be capitalized. While always at the discretion of the client, Ericksson prefers to be heavily involved during this period, as the feedback given to us is much more candid in nature than that afforded to the potential employer. We will work to secure the candidate's signature to a work agreement in a timely fashion, to the point of deploying your consultant on a personal "signing visit" to the physician's residence, if so desired by client. Upon securing a signed work agreement, Ericksson is also available to assist with proper licensure and credentialing services, and can coordinate the relocation process with the candidate's family. After the relocation is complete, Ericksson will maintain contact with both physician and family to monitor their satisfaction in the new locale.

For Free Consultation

For your free Search Consultation with an Ericksson representative concerning potential recruitment needs or succession planning for your facility or group, please call 800-838-1038 or e-mail your contact information to .
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